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The leader in whom leaders trust

Corticeira Amorim is the largest producer and supplier of cork stoppers worldwide trusted by the leading wine producers. The group’s undisputed leadership is based on over 150 years of experience, at the forefront of innovation, with pioneering products such as the revolutionary Helix® wine packaging system and the screening technology Ndtech, which offers the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee *.

Currently, winemakers from all over the world rely on Amorim's commitment to supply the finest corks. With NDtech, fruit of a continuous investment process to ensure the quality and consistency of all corks supplied to the market, the world’s best wine stopper just got better. This state-of-the-art screening technology makes it possible to individually analyse the presence of TCA in each stopper using fast chromatography and thereby provides the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee *. Performed in a few seconds, this analysis delivers an impressive level of accuracy, equivalent to finding one drop of water in 800 Olympic swimming pools.

State-of-the-art production technologies, strong expertise and quality control that is unparalleled in the industry, ensure an unrivalled level of security in delivering high-quality products with unique sustainability credentials and proven benefits for wines. Corticeira Amorim sells to over 18,000 active customers, including some of the world's most respected wineries.

“Cork is a living material that we can trust. Our wines will be in contact with the cork stopper for many years, and there will always be a symbiosis with this living product. The cork should be perfect to allow this exchange to happen in the best possible way, so that the wine improves over time. Like wine, cork stoppers have a history. A life cycle that begins in the cork oak forest, spans the entire technical process and ends in the bottle of wine.”
Carole André, Cheval Blanc Saint Émilion

The Cork Stoppers Business Unit encompasses dozens of production and distribution companies in the world’s main wine-producing countries - from Europe to the new markets of South Africa, Australia and South America.

The annual production of billions of wine corks testifies to the size of a varied product portfolio that satisfies the highest performance standards in all types of wine, champagne or spirits.

“Wine is life. Bottled life and expanded life. It is an intellectual reflection, a dialogue between Man and Nature. Cork is probably the most magical of all elements. It is an organic, expansive element. It is a guardian of treasures and the first custodian of what is stored inside the bottle. Cork symbolizes naturalness and expanded life - in order to close and conclude the messages sealed in a bottle.”
Josep Roca, sommelier and founder, El Celler Can Roca

Alongside natural stoppers, the introduction of technical stoppers, such as Twin Top® or Neutrocork®, has spawned a wide range of high quality options, regardless of price.

In a sector with centuries of history, the introduction of new products confirms that it is possible to go further, with a firm commitment to innovation. Developed by Corticeira Amorim in partnership with North America’s O-I, the Helix®, system, combining cork and glass, has been described as "The first major wine packaging innovation of the 21st century". It is a cork stopper that is ergonomically designed to be inserted into a glass bottle with an internal thread in the bottleneck, which allows the cork to be removed without using a corkscrew and then easily reinserted using the same method.

“When a wine connoisseur opens a bottle the appearance is very important, including the label. The cork stopper, because it is extremely tactile, creates a strong connection between the wine producer, wine and the consumer. For our grands-crus we use high quality cork stoppers. We value not only cork’s aesthetic appeal, but also its mechanical characteristics.”
Gregory Viennois, Domaines Laroche 

*releasable TCA content below the 0.5 ng/L quantification limit; analysis performed in accordance to ISO 20752.