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World benchmark in construction solutions

The applications for construction represent approximately a third of the company's activity, and are associated with a strong investment in innovation. What started as a solution to use the leftovers generated by the production of cork stoppers, has resulted in a current diversified portfolio of highly efficient solutions, both from a technical and environmental point of view - confirmed by the Gold Seal of Sustainability, awarded in 2012 by the Portuguese Platform for Sustainable Construction.

"Cork is in perfect harmony with the goals of sustainable development and contemporary society, which is concerned about the environment and the planet."

This positive perception in regard to cork-based solutions goes far beyond Portugal. In the case of expanded insulation corkboard, it was elected in the USA as one of the ten most eco-friendly and sustainable products in the world. As a result of being highly beneficial in terms of energy efficiency and the efficient use of materials, it has been included in BuildingGreen Top-10 Products for 2013, the largest North American directory of sustainable construction products. In terms of insulation solutions, it is the most sustainable, ensuring unlimited durability without loss of its qualities.

In Europe, which is the main market for cork-based solutions for construction, Corticeira Amorim is presented as a case study within the framework of sustainable construction. It is the first company in the world to present a cork acoustic insulation solution which has been given the top rating by the BRE – Building Research Establishment, of London. In an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) assessment, the AcoustiCORK® range of underlays received an A+ rating, which is testament to its superior environmental performance, in accordance with international standards which are the benchmark for sustainable buildings.

The solutions developed by Corticeira Amorim are so wide-ranging that they can be included in all phases of building construction and rehabilitation, from waterproofing and anti-vibration for infrastructures, foundations and underlays, acoustic and thermal insulation to final floor, wall and interior ceiling coverings, facades and roofs, with modern and distinctive designs.

In the case of large infrastructure, Corticeira Amorim is an equally important player. The company is a benchmark for products especially produced for implementation in anti-seismic structures, bridges, tunnels, aqueducts and motorways, water supply systems, reservoirs, dams and airports. It is the cork solutions designed to fill the gaps between expansion joints that absorb the vibration and expansion caused by heat or the contraction of different construction materials, enabling the movement of structures without causing damage.

As a product which combines ecology with performance, cork is the increasingly clear choice in the construction market, offering advantages in regard to the quality of buildings, interior atmosphere and comfort. On the economic side, it contributes to saving resources, both in the production process - it requires low energy consumption - and from the perspective of the user, since it is the only raw material that can guarantee the same level of technical performance throughout the product's useful life.