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Natural turf with cork in Euro 2016


During Euro 2016 it is quite possible that some of Europe’s best football players were unaware that they were playing on turf with a cork substrate. However, this was the material that was actually under their feet. Thanks to cork’s high capacity for shock absorption, the new solution protects players' joints, reducing the body impact from falls by up to 40%.

Developed by Natural Grass in partnership with Corticeira Amorim, this pioneering solution had its world premiere at Euro 2016 in France, where it was used in four stages.

AirFibr is an innovative technology that incorporates cork, natural grass and synthetic micro-fibres, thereby delivering a more resistant and safer football pitch.

The expanded cork granulate used as the substrate for the turf gives it greater shock absorption, minimizing contact between the player and the ground. Cork’s elastic memory, or unique ability to regain its original shape after compression, is crucial to ensure this exceptional performance.

“After intensive use of the pitches during the games, the stadiums with AirFibr technology, incorporating expanded cork granulate, have an excellent level of preservation - a clear testimony to their resistance capacity.”

- Carlos Manuel Oliveira, Director General of Amorim Isolamentos