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Leadership profile

Corticeira Amorim is the largest world producer of cork products and the most international of Portuguese companies. It leads the whole sector, contributing to the economy and innovation of the cork industry, unlike any other.

With its origins dating back to 1870, the company soon became aware of the endless potential of this 100% natural raw material, transforming it into a choice item in the context of a informed society, aware of the environmental problems that result from their consumption-related choices.

More than any other player in the market, Corticeira Amorim made unparalleled investments in innovation and design, developing a portfolio of high added value products and solutions, which anticipate market trends and surpass the expectations of some of the most demanding industries in the world.

Its signature is on the most unlikely everyday objects, Olympic sports equipment, organic solvents, high profile global works, state-of-the-art road and railway projects, spacecraft...

Within the panorama of contemporary creation, it challenges designers, scientists and architects to explore the endless potential of cork and through it, to dazzle the world.

Corticeira Amorim is a company with a clear business strategy, which operates in over one hundred countries in all continents and on the stock market.

It is at the forefront of industry, technology and sustainability. It makes the cork viable in a unique manner, and as a result, the preservation of the cork oak forest, a unique example of green economy, which is based on a balance between economic, social and environmental issues. The constant concern to adopt and reinforce sustainable development practices makes Corticeira Amorim one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

With almost 150 years leading the sector, Corticeira Amorim distinguishes itself by its quality profile, innovation and exemplary performance. Anywhere in the world.